Tunnel Drive

Tunnel Drive
Play this Tunnel pressure sport where that you would be able to think the tunnel swirling as you maneuver you car to each the edges. You're going to need to reap the goal denoted for the bucks, Stars and Diamonds to proceed to the next stage. At the same time driving hinder the dynamites and visitors cones, as they decrease pace. Avoid getting to the extreme ends, as the game will get over. Collecting dollars (200) , stars (600 aspects) and diamond (350 points) increases the features, and the bonus card (500 points) that are available the way in which also boosts up your points. To develop pace, grasp the speed booster as and if you end up driving.
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Date: 2016-01-06

34 Users Played

Right Arrow - Move Right. Left Arrow - Move Left. P - To pause the game. M - To mute the sound.

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