Villages On Fire

Villages On Fire
Dan is the in charge of ten lovely villages. Dan could be very completely satisfied with the village folks seeing that they are very form and generous. Dan perpetually visits the village persons to ask their requirement and fulfils the desires of the persons instantly with out taking too much of time. Each and every village persons organised a royal banquet and invited Dan. But few enemies weren't blissful with Dan’s work so they burnt few residences in every village, because of heavy wind the hearth quickly spread during the village. The one choice available to place off the fire is to make use of the cannon and fire the water ball over the burning chimney of the houses. Now Dan is the one one who can shop the villages. Aid Dan to shoot the water balls and save the villages.
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Date: 2016-01-01

10 Users Played

Use the left and right arrow keys to position the cannon. Press and hold the spacebar to set the cannon's power, release the spacebar to launch the water ball.

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